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669 Albany Post Rd

Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

MOTTO 2017:

" For your work shall be rewarded , says the Lord..."   
Jeremiah 31: 16


Established in 1994 as a Church of South India (CSI) congregation, we are located in Briarcliff Manor, New York, a small village in lovely Westchester County.
You are warmly invited to come worship with us!


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Greetings in the name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

September 27th our Church is celebrating its 70th formation day. Formation of the Church of South India is considering as the second Pentecostal event because different denominations joined together irrespective of their differences and formed a United Church. Let's praise God for our beautiful Church. We could see this Unity in Diversity in our Church if you travel throughout the different areas in our church. Prophet Ezekiel was given a vision of the backslidden people of God. Nothing but a valley of "very many" and "very dry" bones could explain their awful condition. 

They seemed to have gone to a point of no return. The people themselves cried, "Our hope is lost!" (V 11). God asked the prophet, "Can these bones live?" He threw back the question to God saying, "Lord, You only know!" The situation from a human viewpoint was i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e ! The Church is no better today. There is form but no power. "They will act as if they are religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly" (2 Tim 3:5). There is a name but no life. Christ rebuked the Church in Sardis, "You have reputation for being alive-but you are dead" (Rev 3:1). There is wealth but no vision (Rev. 3:17). 

There are activities but no love (Rev 2:2-4). Instead of multiplication there are only divisions. In the words of the Preacher, "In the place of justice, wickedness was there; and in the place righteousness, iniquity was there" (Eccl 3:16). Vance Havner pointed out, "We have comfortable homes to ride in comfortable cars to sit in comfortable Churches to hear comfortable Churches to hear comfortable sermons. What do we know about the reproach of Christ?" An artist once was asked to paint a picture that would portray a dying Church, hoping if even that might inspire the congregation to realise their need for revival. The painting showed a grand Church building with tall spires, magnificently carved-out pulpit stand, exquisite stained glass windows, huge wooden doors and glittering chandelier lights. Near the huge doors was a small offertory box, the mouth of which was covered by cobweb. Yes, any Church that does not send or support missionaries is a dead Church. As Dr. Oswald J. Smith (1889-1986) put it, "A Church that does not evangelize will fossilize!" But God has not given up on the Church. The gates of hell will have to ultimately give in to the Church (Mt 16:18). On our part we must obey like Prophet Ezekiel and keep on prophesying (Ezek 37). "Cry aloud, spare not. Lift up your voice like trumpet. Tell my people of their sins! Yet they act so pious!" (Isa 58:1). The Church will then come back to where it should be. It will stand up "like a great army" and conquer the world for Christ (Ezek 37:10). 

The world at its worst needs the Church at its best! 

O Breath of Life, come sweeping thro'us.

Revive Thy Church with Life and Power;

O Breath of Life, come, cleanse, renew us,

 And fit Thy Church to meet this hour (Bessie P. Head, 1850-1936)

 After summer vacation our children are going back to their schools for new academic season. Let's uphold each children to His mighty Hands. The Most High God, who blessed Joseph with wisdom in Egypt, and exalted Daniel in Babylon bless our children that they may bring honour to Him. Wish our children all success. 

May God bless us all.

With Love and Prayers,

Rev. Pretheesh Babu Kurian