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Sunday Service Schedule

English or Malayalam worship service
with Holy Communion every Sunday

 Closed for Summer
Sunday School 
         NA for Summer
Adult Bible Study
10:00 AM
Worship Service
Monthly Meetings Schedule
(after worship service)
1st Sundays
Board of Trustees Meeting
2nd Sundays
Youth Fellowship Meeting
3rd Sundays
Women's Fellowship Meeting
4th Sundays
Laity Fellowship Meeting


Monthly Prayer—May 6 
Monthly prayer meeting will be held on Saturday, May 6 at 6.30 pm in our Church. All are requested to attend this prayer. 

Mother’s Day—May 14
Mother’s day will be celebrated on Sunday, May 14. Youth fellowship will be handing out the gifts for all the Mothers. 

Youth one day retreat—May 20
A one day retreat of the Youth fellowship will be held on Saturday, May 20. Please tune in for more details . 

Mission Sunday—May 21 
May 21 will be observed as mission Sunday in which we remember and pray for all the mission fields all around the world. There will be a special offertory collection on that day to show our support for the mission work in India. 

Sunday school Memory verse competition—May 21 
Memory verse competition for the Sunday School will be held on Sunday, May 21. Parents are requested to prepare your children for this competition. 

CSI Family & Youth Conference 2017—July 6-9
This year’s conference will be held on July 6-9 at Hilton, Toronto, Canada. CSI church in Canada is hosting this years conference. 

Family Retreat 2017—July 21-23
This year’s church Family Retreat will be held on July 21-23 at Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Mr. Biinish Kurian Chandy and Mr. Rajeev Winston are serving as the Retreat Conveners. Registration is in progress and request everybody to register.t Refreshing Mountain Retreat and Adventure Center, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Mr. Binish Kurian Chandy is serving as the Retreat Convener.